Working with Corinne gave me an awareness of my thoughts and perspectives that I have never had before. She helped me to create an awareness of behaviours and patterns that were creating obstacles in my own life. Corinne is very caring and her non judgmental approach can put anyone at ease. She is action oriented and helped me a great deal in changing my thoughts and actions. Corinne is such a brilliant coach and I am very grateful for our time together. 

Claudia Phipps, Texas

Looking back on my experience with Corinne as a coach, it has come clear that she was a bridge, a vigorous support for me. When we met I had no idea how to be that person I wanted to become. She didn’t hold my hand, she stood back, she didn’t judge, she watched, she gave positive assurance and occasionally asked a very purposeful question which drove me to find the answer myself. She is exceptional in that she enlivens self assurance and growth. I cannot endorse her strongly enough.

Jil Orpen, London

Since working with Corinne my confidence in myself as a woman has increased. I am now exploring my femininity, something I have never done before, and I am loving it! My relationships with my family have improved tenfold because I now give myself permission to be me and I know that my assumptions about what other people think of me are all in my head, they’re not the truth. Corinne gave me time to think about how I was feeling, always made sure she fully understood what I was trying to say and gave me the encouragement I needed to be me. Where appropriate Corinne also gave me extra resources to support the work we were doing. I would definitely recommend working with Corinne. We spend money on so many things without even thinking. This is a life changing investment. Thank you so much for helping me to find the real me. I am continuing to grow and I’m now using my own experience to help others.

Lynne Clarke, Coatbridge