Marvellous March: Truth Quest & What I’m Inspired by this Month

truth quest

Welcome to this month’s update as we move into Spring once again.

In light of the recent attack on London it seems insensitive to talk about Spring heralding new life and new possibilities. However, what we can learn from the seasons is that, no matter how dark things seem, there is always light around the corner. It is when things seem darkest that it is most important for us to shine our light.

Sending extra love and blessings to all this month.

This month I have been working on…

After much soul searching I now have clarity as to how I can be of greatest service. It’s interesting how you can’t force this clarity, you just have to let it take its own sweet time, as frustrating as that might be.

My focus will now be on helping my clients to rediscover and live from their truth. This is the quest that I have been on and am still on and will be on for the rest of my days. I’m really excited to be able to support other women in doing this work.

And speaking of quests, I have just completed a 40 day Truth Quest. This involved hopping onto Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis to deliver nuggets of wisdom to help you along on your own journey to finding the truth of who you are. If you missed this you can catch up on all the posts and videos on Facebook and Instagram and I will be creating a distilled version of the Truth Quest for you to download and refer to at your leisure.

If you feel called to start a quest to find and live from your own truth and you’d like some support there are various ways that we can work together. I’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch via my contact page and we can arrange a call to get acquainted.

And finally, I am delighted to announce that I have started a weekly Podcast called Feminine Truth with episode three due to be released on 27th March. Click here to find it on iTunes.

This month I am reading…

Reveal by Meggan Watterson

This book has been on my reading list for a while and, thanks to some gentle encouragement from Gail Love Schock, I have finally read it and I am so very glad.

As I go deeper into my own spiritual awakening, books such as this appear like light beams, letting me know I am not alone and that I am on the right path.

This book is about finding the Divine within rather than seeking it outside ourselves, about being as at home in our soul as we are in our skin. Just reading the introduction I knew that there was magic in this book for me:

“I wanted to be spiritual in a way that allowed me to be as at home in my soul as I am in my skin. Separating my sexuality from my spirituality didn’t work for me, because it wasn’t true to my experience.”

This resonates so much for me. I’m now half way through my second reading of this book.

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This book has been a permanent fixture on my bedside table ever since I bought it several years ago and I have recently felt the need to return to its wisdom.

Filled with stories, myths and fairy tales, this book is a guide for getting back in touch with your instinctual self, your wild woman. As Maya Angelou says “Everyone who can read should read this book.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

This month I am listening to…

Completely letting go of any hopes I may once have had of being perceived as cool, there are some great, ready made 70’s and 80’s playlists on Amazon Prime Music that I have been thoroughly enjoying this month.

I have also been listening to the latest album from Birdy.

As for audiobooks, I have been re-listening to A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson. She always has so much wisdom to impart.

I’ve also been listening to Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis. Time I changed my mind and allowed more magic into my life. Speaking of which…

This month I am indulging in…

  • A trip to the Royal Opera House to see Sleeping Beauty. Such a beautiful and inspirational place.
  • My very first Qoya class. Excited and slightly nervous to try this out. I am working on living more in my body and less in my head so I’m interested to see how this can help me in my quest.
  • Beauty and the Beast I was unsure how much I would enjoy this but I would recommend it as pure escapism for a couple of hours. I even got a bit teary eyed at one point. I hope it’s not just me, but I actually preferred the Beast to the Prince!

This month I am being supported by…

I am continuing to work with:

  •  Kitty Cavalier: Kitty is helping me to delve deeper into my truth and to allow pleasure to play a greater part in my life. This week’s homework was for me to figure out what softening means to me and to soften more.
  • Gail Love Schock: Gail is helping me to dive deep into my soul, to get in touch with the real me and to start living from my true nature, Love.

And I am starting to work with:

  • Lesley Beattie: I am in the process of moving house and I am conscious that I don’t want to take any old things or stale energy from my past with me when I move. Lesley will be helping me to start clearing the mental and physical clutter ready for my move.
  • Anne Davin: I first found Anne’s work through an interview she did with Danielle Laporte. Anybody who can inspire and guide Danielle is someone I want to learn from. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of her Feminosity course and I have just started to dip my toe into its depths.

This month I am letting go of…

Hmmmm. I am letting go of trying to maintain control, of thinking that I am in sole control of my destiny. It’s time for me to allow the Divine to step in. Over and over again the message of my daily oracle card has been one of letting go, of handing things over to the Divine fully. I do learn by repetition but I think I’m taking the p**s now. Time to peel the fingertips off all those things I’m holding onto.

I am also letting go of my fear of speaking out. I rarely engage in discussions with people whose opinions differ from mine but, in order to do this work, I have to speak my truth and be prepared to defend it. I have received some negative comments on my posts but I have also received an equal amount of positive responses. Admittedly some of those have included phone numbers and a declaration of love but we all have to start somewhere! The point is, the time for fear and maintaining our silence has passed. Now is the time, we have to engage in order for our voices to be heard.

Love always Xx


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