Fanciful February: Inspiring Things I am Loving this Month

Inspiring Things

Each month I will be popping into your inbox with a list of the things that are currently tickling my fancy, from books and music to little indulgences and things that are stirring my soul. The aim of this? Simply to share the joy and perhaps, on the odd occasion, to inspire and inform.

I will also be keeping you up to date on anything new and exciting happening here at to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Here goes!

This month I am reading…

Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd:

Recommended to me by the amazing Kitty Cavalier, author of Sacred Seduction, this book describes a woman’s journey from a life of conventional Christianity to her feminine spiritual awakening. As someone who had a very conventional Christian upbringing myself but who never really felt at ease in that patriarchal environment, this book is helping me to unravel and understand my relationship to Christianity, patriarchy and feminine spirituality. I am currently only half way through but can highly recommend it.

Women’s Wellness Wisdom by Dr Libby Weaver:

I was first introduced to the work of Dr Libby Weaver via a talk she did as part of Marianne Williamson’s Aphrodite training in 2015. I was completely blown away by her holistic approach to women’s health that encompasses not only nutrition but also the complex interplay of hormones that goes on inside our bodies. This (and any other Dr Libby book for that matter) is a must read for every woman! Here’s a link to her TEDx talk:

Dr Libby TEDx talk

This month I am listening to…

I am not generally “down with the kids” when it comes to music but it is one of my passions so I am always listening to something.

One of my favourite artists is Maxwell and I have been using his music as fuel for my soul searching over the past month or so. This tune in particular has become a favourite (I’m listening to it right now in fact!): 1990x

A current track I am also enjoying is I feel it coming by The Weeknd. It has a vibe reminiscent of Michael Jackson at his best.

This month I am indulging in…

  • A couple of trips to The Odyssey Cinema in St Albans, a beautiful Independent Art Deco cinema that was restored to its former glory in 2014. I love the decadence that visiting this cinema invokes.
  • My Velvet Rose and Oud candle from Jo Malone. I love its dark, smoky scent. In fact, I think I’ll light it right now!
  • For some women it’s handbags, for others it’s shoes. For me it’s beautiful lingerie. This month I will be heading to the V&A museum in London to partake of their exhibition, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. Looking at the relationship between fashion and underwear as well as issues of gender, sex and morality it promises to be a revealing experience!

This month my guilty pleasure is…

The Fitness Marshall (Shhhh, don’t tell my Chiropractor, I’m meant to be taking things very easy at the moment!)

I LOVE this guy’s energy, he never fails to put a smile on my face. If you’re feeling down just click on the link below and dance along to this.

Touch by Little Mix

This month I am being supported by…

As a coach myself I am always deepening my exploration of life the Universe and everything, this is my passion after all. And just because I am a coach does not mean that my life is 100% sorted and that I don’t need any support or guidance.

Towards the end of last year and throughout the beginning of this year I have been feeling called to get even more in touch with my Truth, for my own evolution and so that I can help other women do the same. Right now I am privileged to be working with:

  • Kitty Cavalier: Kitty is known for her work on Sacred Seduction and is now starting to work with women on living their Vérité. A perfect synergy with my soul’s calling at the moment.
  • Gail Schock: I met Gail at a recent Project Love Salon in London and just knew that I needed to work with her and various synchronicities confirmed my hunch. Here’s a snippet from her bio:

“The perfect conduit for sniffing out the bullshit and helping people get their voice into the world. A teacher of active spirituality making sure you know the difference between the voice of fear and love. Making sure we’re trained in the art of joy, bliss and happiness. Opening up the imagination to include magic, wonder and curiosity. “

  • Dr Jenny Brooks, the senior consultant for Dr Libby Weaver and my Chiropractor: Having experienced intermittent pain in my right shoulder for about four years I decided last year that it was probably time to figure out what was going on. After massages, physio and acupuncture but still no diagnosis I decided to visit a Chiropractor recommended by my personal trainer. He believes that he has figured out what is going on and in the process has also diagnosed that I have Adrenal Fatigue. With his help and the nutritional support of Dr Brooks I am optimistic that 2017 will be the year I return to operating with boundless energy. I’ll write a series of posts all about my health journey the past couple of years as I believe it’s a story that will be helpful for many people.

This month my daily routine includes…

I am still figuring out what my ideal daily routine comprises but here are some elements that are generally non-negotiable:

  • Hot water with lemon to start the day with 5 brazil nuts to give me a boost of Selenium (helpful for my thyroid)
  • Weather permitting I stand outside first thing to breathe in fresh air and let the daylight bring my melatonin levels down. I’m aiming to turn this into an early morning walk.
  • Some form of meditation. It could be a guided meditation before I go to sleep or meditating during the day and pulling one of my Mother Mary Oracle cards for guidance
  • Movement. At the moment generally walking or Pilates while I work with my Chiropractor to sort out my shoulder although I am doing some light training in the gym.
  • Listening to music
  • Watching an episode (or two) of Frasier. I’d forgotten how much I love it.

This month I am letting go of…

I’m not so great at letting go of things as I just want to do and be everything but I’m learning that that is not possible or wise!

  • I have let go of a course I signed up to do that would mean a two day trip to Peterborough. It’s just not in my best interest right now.
  • My Personal Training exams. Something I intend to pick up later on in the year but they just didn’t fit with my objectives for the beginning of this year.
  • Letting go is a theme that keeps coming up for me and I believe that is why I have been led to work with Kitty and Gail, so that they can support me in my process of letting go. Watch this space for updates on what I end up letting go of!

This month my focus is…

  • Building my business, getting my message out there to as many people as possible and helping as many people as possible step onto their path of self actualisation
  • Taking really good care of myself, from how much sleep I am getting to the food I eat and the thoughts I allow to permeate my psyche

And on that note, I will leave you to enjoy what I hope is a fabulously fanciful February.

I am currently taking on new coaching clients so if you are feeling the call to start your journey of self actualisation hop on over to my contact page and send me a message. I’d love to hear from you and set up a call so that we can get acquainted and see whether working together could be beneficial.

Love Xx


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