Do This One Thing to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted

life you've always wanted
I just want to get my shit together. Ever felt like this? If you have, you are not alone. I am currently in the process of decluttering my flat ready to move house in the (hopefully) not too distant future, and as part of that process I am aiming to leave behind (aka burn) as much as possible so that...

The Surprising Way I am Learning How to Work with Life Instead of Against it

Learning How to Work with Life
Horse riding. Yep. Horse riding. Now, for those of you who ride, you may well know exactly what I am talking about but for those of you who don’t, this might seem strange. Allow me to explain. I’ve been riding at least once a week for quite a few years now but recently took several months off for health reasons. I’m now...

Awakened April: On Taking Responsibility in All Aspects of Life

taking responsibility
Another month is whizzing by and so many juicy things to tell you. Just as the blossom and magnolias have been in full bloom this month, I can feel my energy and passion rising, feel myself awakening. There’s a particular meditation I do in which I visualise holding an egg in my hands and watching it hatch, as though watching...

Marvellous March: Truth Quest & What I’m Inspired by this Month

truth quest
Welcome to this month’s update as we move into Spring once again. In light of the recent attack on London it seems insensitive to talk about Spring heralding new life and new possibilities. However, what we can learn from the seasons is that, no matter how dark things seem, there is always light around the corner. It is when things...

Fanciful February: Inspiring Things I am Loving this Month

Inspiring Things
Each month I will be popping into your inbox with a list of the things that are currently tickling my fancy, from books and music to little indulgences and things that are stirring my soul. The aim of this? Simply to share the joy and perhaps, on the odd occasion, to inspire and inform. I will also be keeping you up...

Why Resolutions Don’t Work and What to do Instead

Why Resolutions Don't Work
How are your 2017 resolutions going? Still on it or not so much? I heard somewhere that by 17th January many people have already ditched their New Year’s Resolutions. Are you one of them? There are many theories about why this happens but I think it boils down to the following things: Unrealistic expectations Ok, so let me get this straight. This...

The Time is Now

the time is now
Ever meditated on death? No? Me neither to be honest, not the most cheerful of topics and something most of us avoid thinking about. It is, however, something I think it would benefit us all to think about a bit more often, not to be morbid but to influence how we are living. For Buddhists it is customary to meditate on death...

In Loving Memory

in loving memory
Dear Theresa. My Nana thought he had another woman, but, much to her relief, my ninety year old Grandad had instead been writing a letter to the new Prime Minister, a letter he never got to finish. On 25th September my much beloved Grandad passed away. It was time for him to go, he had suffered for too long, but...


Awakening. The premise of this website, this blog and, in truth, the pervasive undercurrent of mine, and I expect many other people’s, lives. What are we here for, after all, if not to live fully awake? In my case, it took me a while to figure this out, to even recognise that I was, if not sleep walking through life,...