about corinne worsley

Hey, lovely to meet you! I’m so happy you’ve found my website. I hope it provides you with a whole heap of insights and a big dose of inspiration.

So, I think introductions are in order. I’m Corinne, a corporate escapee now helping women who are fed up of being disenchanted and exhausted to go from barely surviving to absolutely thriving.

What makes me qualified to do this work? Well, quite simply, I’ve been there. I was that woman just a few years ago. On the outside everything looked rosy. I had a great job, a nice flat, lots of friends and I was in great shape. But, in reality, I was paddling away like mad just to keep my head above the water. Eventually that took its toll.

Having reached a point on the career ladder (if anybody knows where this mythical ladder actually goes, please do let me know) that I had thought would bring me happiness, fulfilment and freedom I was faced with the stark realisation that I was feeling quite the opposite: overwhelm, fatigue, stress and a feeling that what I was doing with my life didn’t really matter. I wasn’t making a difference in anybody’s life.

This loss of purpose in my life had a huge impact on my physical and mental health. As I continued to drag myself to a job that didn’t fulfil me my motivation to take care of myself ebbed away. I put on two stone, lost all the fitness I had worked so hard to achieve and stopped going to my beloved dance classes because I couldn’t face the mirrors or people’s reactions. At one point I was so exhausted that it was as much as I could do to get up, dressed and to the office on time. I even remember having to sit on my bed while I dried my hair some mornings because I was too tired to stand up.

Was this really it? Was this all life had to offer? Would this be it for the rest of my life? Surely not.

Fortunately there was still a faint glimmer of hope within me that there had to be another way and so my quest to find a better way to live began.

After much soul searching to figure out who I really was (still ongoing, I’m learning to accept that this is a life long quest) I realised that what I really love is knowing I have helped and empowered somebody else to fulfil their potential. I also love learning and sharing what I’ve learned through writing and speaking. So, after working with a coach myself, I decided to train first as a life coach and then as a personal trainer (still ongoing) as I knew from my own experience that both the mind and body must be nourished in order for us to really thrive and I wanted to use that knowledge to help others.

I now use a combination of coaching skills, knowledge of fitness and nutrition, positive psychology and my own experience to help other women uncover who they truly are, get clear on what they really want in life and take audaciously good care of their body and mind. Putting all of this together is what enables us to make our dreams a reality.

I believe that we were all born to thrive not just survive and I’m here to give you permission to stop settling for less than you deserve.

All my love, Corinne Xx