“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”


Diane Von Furstenberg


Hi, I’m Corinne and I’m a Life Coach for professional women.
I mentor and coach high achieving, powerful women such as yourself to regain clarity, confidence and control in your life and to step into the life of ease, excellence and fulfilment you so deeply desire.

I’m passionate about creating a world full of empowered, vibrant women. The World needs us!

Too many of us have been conditioned to accept mediocrity, being told we expect too much, we should just be grateful for what we have, our standards are too high. The fact that you’re reading this suggests to me that you’ve always had a penchant for excellence and an aversion to mediocrity. You and me both!

So, who am I to do this work you may well ask?

Well, quite simply, I’ve been there. I was that woman settling for mediocrity whilst desiring excellence.

I’d worked hard, achieved the six figure salary before I turned thirty, bought a flat in a highly desirable location, had plenty of friends and was superfit. What more could a girl ask for? In fact, if you’d told the eighteen year old version of myself what I would achieve I would have snatched your hand off. I’d far surpassed my own and others’ expectations.

By other people’s standards my life looked rosy but I don’t live according to other people’s standards.
What I once thought would bring me happiness, fulfilment and freedom had actually led to overwhelm, fatigue, stress, and feeling that what I was doing with my life didn’t really matter. I wasn’t making a difference in anybody’s life.

As I continued to drag myself to a job that didn’t fulfil me my motivation to take care of myself ebbed away. At one point I was so exhausted that it was as much as I could do to get up, get dressed and make it to the office on time. I even remember having to sit on my bed while I dried my hair some mornings because I was too tired to stand up.

Working seventy plus hours a week, asking for help and being told I just needed to organise myself better and working nineteen days straight doing work I didn’t enjoy I reached breaking point.

Was this really it? Was this all life had to offer? Would this be it for the rest of my life? Surely not?

I’d always been a positively disruptive force in life and in work, pointing out the elephant in the room when nobody else would, questioning the way things were and asking whether they could be better. I’m so thankful that, no matter how burnt out I became, the inborn disruptor in me never died. It meant I still had a faint glimmer of hope deep within me that there had to be another way.

And so began my quest to create a life I loved.

Through working with a Life Coach I discovered that what I really love is supporting, empowering and inspiring people to fulfil their potential, to create lives that light them up on a daily basis, not just at the weekend or when they go on holiday. I love opening people’s eyes to new possibilities and igniting the rebel within.

Based on my own experience of piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of life I recognised that I had been led to tend to my mind, body and soul. One without the others just didn’t work. Because of this I trained as a life coach and personal trainer so that I could take an integrated mind, body and soul approach with my clients in order to help them see significant and sustainable change in their lives.

I now use a combination of coaching skills, knowledge of fitness and nutrition, positive psychology and my own research and experience to help other women uncover who they truly are, get clear on what they really want in life, take audaciously good care of their mind, body and soul and create their own blueprint for life.

I’m here to give you permission to ask for and expect more from life, to go from tired and overwhelmed to energised and exhilarated.

Are you in?

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